Leif Spørck, Corporate Legal Counsel, Merchant & Merchant Bank

Leif Spørck

Corporate Legal Counsel

Morten Flood, Head of Collateral & Loan Execution, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Morten Flood

Head of Collateral & Loan Execution

Helena Tinde, Head of Loan Administration KYC/AML, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Helena Tinde

Head of Loan Administration KYC/AML

Hans Petter Korslund, Loan Administration, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Hans Petter Korslund

Loan Administration



Henriette Berg, Senior Manager Compliance & Operations, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Henriette Berg

Senior Manager Compliance & Operations

Åse V. Gundersen, Client Service Representative, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Åse V. Gundersen

Client Service Representative


Reporting, Finance & Accounting

Ann-Grid Wiik, Head of Reporting, Finance & Accounting, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Ann-Grid Wiik

Head of Reporting, Finance & Accounting

Pia C. Golberg, Accountant, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Pia C. Golberg



Client relationship

Bjørn S. Havsgård, Senior Vice President, Merchant & Merchant Bank

Bjørn S. Havsgård

Senior Vice President

Kari Skjelbred Trondsen, Vice President, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Kari Skjelbred Trondsen

Vice President

Stian Svennebye, Vice President, Merchant & Merchant Bank

Stian Svennebye

Vice President

Ingrid Haugen Fougner, Assistant Vice President, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Ingrid Haugen Fougner

Assistant Vice President

Christopher van der Lagen

Vice President - Client Relations

Henrik Rese Bredesen, Vice President - Client Relations, Maritime & Merchant Bank

Henrik Rese Bredesen

Vice President - Client Relations