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We offer savings accounts with good interest rates and full flexibility. To obtain interest rates of 2.2% the account balance must be between NOK 500,000 and 2,500,000. For deposits within this range, an interest rate of 2.2% will apply. For deposits below NOK 500,000 an interest rate of 0.3% will apply. For deposits over NOK 2,500,000, the amount exceeding 2,500,000 will be applied an interest rate of 0.3%.


Private Customers

 Product   Amount (minimum)   

Amount (maximum)

  Nominal Interest Rate    Effective  Interest Rate 
 Savings Account NOK*   500.000,-   2.500.000,-   2,20%   2,20%
 Savings Account NOK   1,-    500.000,-    0,30%    0,30% 
* The interest rate is calculated from the first deposited NOK. There are no restrictions on the number of withdrawals. Floating interest rate.

Online Banking Services

 Free online banking   Price  
 Annual price   0,-  
Transfers between own accounts   0,-   
 Establish/terminate account   0,-